Jumps based on answers to earlier question?

This is a Q about planned developments of EC5: I have a form collecting data from 4 different organisations, but with a lot of commonality in the Qs. I’d like to be able to show/skip Qs based on which organisation they are from (the first Q on the form). Are there any plans to enable this? (I appreciate there is a work-around where there are 4 jumps that jump to different copies of the form, but that would prove very unwieldy for me).

A combination of JUMP(s), BRANCH(es), and GROUP(s) should cover most use cases.
By restructuring your form, you should be able to display common questions to any user while showing specific organization-related questions when needed.

However, if this approach doesn’t fit your needs, you might consider redesigning your project and adopting a different data collection approach. For instance, you can implement User Working Groups, as described here →

And then consolidate your data during post-processing, as explained here →