Jumps to specific forms

Apologies if this is trivial…
Situation: I have a second screen with a checkbox that should lead to one or more of 6 groups. And exclude the other forms. Currently, using jumps only takes me to the first selected form, and the user still has to shift through the rest of the groups(eg. if I select 3 and 5 it will roll through all after the 3rd).
Is it possible to do this with grouped answers? I have tried branching also and changing jump options but it doesn’t seem to work…
This [question](https://community.epicollect.net/t/solved-questions-with-branched-options/343)
is only for three groups and does not work for me

It is the same approach as the question you linked, the number of groups does not matter. To skip groups no matter what, use the jump “always” option.

Moreover, you can’t do multiple jumps at once. In the case of multiple matching conditions, it goes from top to bottom so only the first matching jump is triggered, see →

So your " if I select 3 and 5" it is impossible to achieve, only 3 will be triggered. You might want to split your CHECKBOX into more RADIO options and rebuild the flow you are looking for.
Have a look at this example →