Limit the length of phone number

I want to limit phone number with only 10 digit. How it is done in regex part?

To limit a phone number to exactly 10 digits using regular expressions (regex), you can use the following pattern:


Explanation of the pattern:

  • ^: Asserts the start of the string.
  • \d: Matches any digit (0-9).
  • {10}: Specifies that exactly 10 occurrences of the preceding \d should be matched.
  • $: Asserts the end of the string.

Combined, the pattern ^\d{10}$ ensures that the entire string contains exactly 10 digits and nothing else.

another questions

:writing_hand:It is working perfectly thank you so much!!! but I want to hide regular expression formula part in mobile device.

:writing_hand: How is calculation type of question can be build? I have not got it from the choice of drag panel.

:writing_hand: I need a hint below each question having font size lower than the question.

Unfortunately, this isn’t feasible, as displaying the regex format is essential. Otherwise, users would be uncertain about the required pattern to match in case an error occurs.

I’m having problems with this part of the database. I just don’t understand what it all means. I want to put a 11 figure mobile phone number in to phone automatically. How do I do it

That is not possible we are afraid.