Log in code not displaying problem


Some of collaborators are reporting problems with the login code

I can see similar problem in this question

Any ideas?

There is a red warning at top, your organisation is probably blocking some content.

I have the same problem. I added noreply@five.epicollect.net to my safe senders list. I am using Outlook in Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise. I do not get the red warning notice.

Ok, will look into it.

Thanks for reporting this

@JOHN_GASKA @mladen_cucak

Have you tried to view the email in the browser? Does it look correct?


Funny behavior here. When I try to open it using View in Browser in Outlook, my Edge opens (I have Internet Explorer mode enabled) the first message I get is:
File not found, It may have been moved, edited, or deleted.

Then, in Outlook, I click View in Browser again, and it works.

I have closed Edge and repeated this pattern several times, and it only works if I go through the View in Browser twice.

Thanks for your feedback.

We are testing a new email template that should fix the rendering issues in Outlook. Unfortunately, we do not have a Windows machine to test Outlook on, and on Mac, we are not able to reproduce the same issue.

@mladen_cucak @JOHN_GASKA

we updated our email login template, please let us know if you still have issues.