Login and logout problems

I would like to thank the authors for this very nice app.
I am trying to use the app for field data collection. I do however have some pushback from people as we have to keep their data private (collecting the data from farmer fields). Hence, we have go with private mode to use login. I went with his option as there is the possibility to do offline data collection, but it seems like there is a need for constant logins for some reason. I was wondering when does the device logs out? On my iPhone, there were no logouts, but my colleagues have experienced a problem that they were constantly asked to log in. This defeats the purpose as we would like to do the data collection in areas where we don’t have a gsm network.

I guess my question is when and why does the logout occur? How do we prevent this?

Thanks in advance

Hi there, thanks for your feedback.

Epicollect5 requires authentication only for actions that require the exchange of information with our servers, like downloading a project or uploading entries.
Once your project is downloaded, you can go offline for days or months, then go back online to upload the entries to the server.
Only then, it will ask you to log in again and only if your current authentication session is expired.

Google/Apple login sessions last longer (30 days on the mobile apps) than email-only login sessions, which expires after 24 hours for security.

Please be aware if you are using the same account on multiple devices, once you log in on one device, it will log you out on all the other ones for security.

We hope this helps.

Thank you so much for the prompt answer.
Could you please explain what is a social login?

That is signing in with either Google or Apple.

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