Manage entries settings

I have Purok->Household->Members as my heirarchy. In the manage entries, I set 10 for purok, 10,000 for household and 21 for members. My sample data has 3 puroks, 5 households and 22 members all in all. When I uploaded my 22nd entry of member in the 5th household having 2 members only, there was an error “Entries Limit Reach”

Sorry if I misunderstood the user’s guide. But from my understanding of it, each parent (household) can give his child (member) with a number you set in the limit, in my case 22. The 5th household has only 2 members and the third is rejected. Can I please be enlightened? Thank you.

Can you reproduce the issue on a sample project with low limits so we can look into it?

Do you face the issue using the mobile app or the web app?


The issue is with the web app. My project is LEADS 1102, slug leads-1102. As of the moment, I set my child, members, to ‘unchecked’ to I go around with the limits.

We are not able to reproduce the issue.

We created a 5-forms hierarchy project at Epicollect5 - Hierarchy Limits and set the limits to 2 entries per form, all works correctly.
Only 2 entries per form are allowed at any level, only the third will trigger an error.