Manually setting seconds in time

For recording time (also when setting is set to hours:minutes:seconds) the app automatically adds the seconds, but when one wants to manually correct the time, it seems it is only possible to correct hours and minutes, but not seconds (they are automatically set to :00 if you change time manually). Is it possible to also change the seconds to desired value?
Thanks in advance,

That is a limitation of the current app. The new beta app should be able to do it, give it a try if you have an Android device and let us know

Download it here


Great, thanks! I’ll give it a try in the field tomorrow

Here is feedback and some suggestions regarding the new beta version after first day using it in the field for recording animal behaviour:

Generally it works well and I didn’t detect any bugs. Perhaps it is a bit slower when moving between questions compared to the previous version.

Suggestions regarding recording time with seconds:

  • It would be better if numbers would be a bit larger, so it would be easier to set values (it happened several times that the accidentally wrong column was turned why I tried to change the time in the neighboring column).
  • Please enable to be able to continue scrolling from largest number further to 0 (e.g. from 59 seconds directly to 0, 1,…), so it could be adjusted more quickly in either direction.
  • It would be better if rolling of the numbers would be faster - now there is sometimes a bit too much of a lag and when you move on the next column the numbers in the previous one still keep rolling for more then what you intended.


Thanks for your feedback, really appreciated it.

Hi @MihaKrofel,

we pushed an update to our beta app (version 5.0.2) which we think improves the time picker usability

Please give it a try