Missing data after uploading

I have a bit of a tricky issue and I would really appreciate any guidance on how to sort it out. Some of my data entries from only one specific dates are missing from my account. I had deleted the app from my phone, so when I downloaded the app again, those entries were also not it the app. Is there any way I can retrieve them?
I remember successfully uploading all of the data from my phone to the web, without any errors, on October 28. After that, I deleted the app, but there are some entries missing (I know because I have notes on it on my notebook).


We understand your concern. When you delete the app, it removes all the locally saved data from your device. Nonetheless, if you’ve successfully uploaded your entries to the server, they should remain accessible.

It’s important to note that entries are organized in pages and grouped by forms/branches when utilizing the dataviewer. Similarly, when downloading entries in CSV format, they are divided into distinct files.

Thanks. Is there any way of recovering a previous version of the app to get access to this lost data?

That is not possible we are afraid.