Missing data once downloaded

I have three projects for questionnaires in villages that are strictly identical, but for different villages. For two of them, the data download is quite normal, but for the last one, the answers to half of the questions don’t appear on the CSV, so I have several empty columns, even though the answers are present in Epicollect. I’ve compared it with the other two projects for which I don’t have this problem, and I can’t see any difference… Any idea where this might be coming from?
Thanks in advance!

Could you kindly share an example, possibly with screenshots, illustrating the issue you’re encountering? Moreover, please provide the name of the project(s) affected by the issue.

Your insights will greatly assist in understanding and resolving the problem.

Thank you.

It appears that no additional details have been provided regarding the current thread.

In the absence of further information, we are unable to proceed with the discussion.

If you have any additional details to share or questions to ask, please feel free to start a new thread.

Thank you for your understanding.