Monitoring plot numbers - see what numbers were already used, and use next number

Dear Community
I do monitoring plots in groups of 50. I want to add the plot number when recording data from a plot. This is easy using e.g. a dropdown list. But…
I want to be able to see what numbers where used already. So if I had done 25 plots already, I want to only see #26-50 to select from ( typically #26), or #1-25 ‘ticked’ or not available. Is this functionality available in Epicollect5?

If you are seeking a method to dynamically eliminate potential answers from the dropdown list based on prior selections, I regret to inform you that this is not currently feasible.

Nevertheless, if you designate your ‘plot number’ question as a title, you will be able to observe the corresponding number next to each entry in the entries list. Entries are typically sorted in descending order by default, meaning that if your most recent entry displays ‘25’ alongside it, you can infer that the next selection in the dropdown should be ‘26’.

More info on titles →

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