Multilingual labels for questions?

Is there any way to make multilingual labels for questions and allowing for selection between language of entry? One option I have considered is to duplicate the entire form and using a Jump between language versions, but then I think the answers to the different language versions of the form would also not end up in the sample places, right?

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Your approach is valid; however, it may result in many empty responses depending on the selected language. To address this, you could merge the responses in Excel or a similar tool during post-processing.

Another option is to clone your project and create a separate project for each language. Again, merging datasets would be necessary during post-processing.

For pre-consolidated responses, if your questions are short, you might consider using a format like:


similar to what is seen on paper-based forms.

For longer questions, another approach is to use a GROUP containing the question in the base language (e.g., English) along with a README that includes the translations. A single README allows up to 1000 characters, whereas a single question is limited to 255 characters.

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