New features - bulk uploads

Just to clarify there is now a system in place to work on multiple entry updates in Epicollect5 cloud database, using a downloaded .csv work file (in our case this would be an extract from our FreshWater Catalogue Epicollect5 cloud database). Great!

A couple of questions:

The edited/changed data can then be uploading back to the cloud database, and these will overwrite the pre-existing records?

Can a bulk download be done for a set of selected entries only (i.e. a subset of the cloud data)?


the answer to both questions is yes, we would highly recommend your read our User Guide for more info → Bulk Uploads - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide

Mainly, bulk edits of existing entries →

Subsets →

I like the “errors in entry xx” of the bulk uploads feature, so that these data entry error can be identified and fixed. However, I notice that if I use the same original uploads file (having correcting the lines flagged as having errors) and then redo the bulk upload I then generate duplicates for all the entries in the original file. With larger batch files having to track down the subset of entries with error, separate out, correct these and re-upload the subset is a longer process, is there a work around?

Thank you

What is your workflow?

Have you tried to download the failed rows file and work on that to fix errors instead of the original one? In that file, entries uploaded successfully are filtered out.

Anyway, to perform edits, see →

If you are getting duplicates, it means you are not providing the ec5_uuid value per each entry. If the ec5_uuid is not present, the system will generate a new entry each time, as it cannot detect it is an edit of an existing entry.

You can generate the UUIDs beforehand if you like, they need to be in uuid version 4 format.
You could use →

We hope this helps.