New user with unusual format of their email address

project name: Friends of the Lower Wye
Hello, as ‘data and volunteers coordinator’ for our EpiCollect5 project, I have a volunteer struggling to get started. Others have also struggled in the past, but eventually succeeded- but this one is taking longer than usual. There is an unusual feature in this case, which is the format of the email address, and I wondered whether this might be an issue- it is formatted: -most of our volunteers are formatted -can you advise?
Thanks, -N

Could you please elaborate on what the issue is?

Thank you

To elaborate on what the issue is, -

They have loaded the app onto their smartphone, but cannot find the desired project (FOLW).

project name: Friends of the Lower Wye

We cannot find any “Friends of the Lower Wye” project in our system either.

Could you please send us a link to that project, if it does exist?

There is a project named “FOLW”, is it that one? Has the collector tried to search for “folw”?

That’s interesting, because I can never find it by searching either. But I can see it at Epicollect5 - FOLW Have I got an unusual setting on the project?

You named the project FOLW, so you have to search for that name.

“Friends of the Lower Wye Water Quality Monitoring Project” is the project’s short description, our search algorithm does not search those, only the project names.

Thanks. I’ll see if our volunteer can get a bit further with a more specific instruction like this. And neither the abbreviation nor the full name is searchable on the desktop version because of the combination of Access, Status, and Visibility, is that right?

That is correct.

To be shown on desktop searches, the project must be both PUBLIC and LISTED.

On the mobile app, all the projects are shown when searching (otherwise it would be impossible to download them) but PRIVATE projects show a lock instead of the logo and can be downloaded only after successful authentication by project members.

OK, thanks for this. Remaining issue being how to remove ‘Test me out’ from my mobile app, now I’ve had a quick play with it! Oh, yes, and is there a way that the project can become findable on the desktop but still secure? What’s the authentication process like?

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