No deja subir las fotos en iPhone 14 pro max

Buenos días género está pregunta :question: ya que genera un error al subir la información; deja registrar la entrada con la imagen pero al momento de subir la información no sube y genera un error, para subir la información hay que eliminar la imagen y en ese momento si deja cargarla; agradezco su amable ayuda.


If you haven’t already, could you attempt to reinstall the app? Keep in mind that uninstalling the application will result in the removal of data from your device.

Should the problem persist, kindly share steps to replicate the issue, possibly with screenshots, allowing us to investigate further.

Thank you.

It appears that no additional details have been provided regarding the current thread.

In the absence of further information, we are unable to proceed with the discussion.

If you have any additional details to share or questions to ask, please feel free to start a new thread.

Thank you for your understanding.