Offline mode issues


I am using your app for a week now and I find it really helpful, although I am experiencing issues, hence why I am here with you today.

  1. The form needs to be updated every time I open the project, even if I or my colleague have not modified it since the last time we used it.

  2. The form works perfectly when online but seems to be totally different (Like a much older version saved when building it) when offline. I have been testing the app at home and every time I switch the wifi off and start the app, the ‘old’ form is on and I cannot enter the required data. This is particularly annoying as our beaches do not necessarily have signal ad we cannot collect the data on the field.

I am sure I am doing something wrong, so please do not hesitate to tell me so!

Thank you!

Hi there,

1 - The form is updated each time the “Save” button is clicked on the formbuilder, even if no changes are made. Once the form is updated on the device, you have the latest version.

2- We cannot reproduce your issue we are afraid. You could try to re-install the app and re-download your project. The forms are saved to the device when you download the project or you update them. After that, being online or offline does not make any difference.

We hope this helps