Porque no se sincronizan todos los datos guardados?

Buenas tardes:
Desde ayer dos encuestadores del proyecto publico DINAMICAS POBLACIONALES CANINAS Y FELINAS CASANARE Homepage: Epicollect5 - DINAMICAS POBLACIONALES CANINAS Y FELINAS CASANARE no han podido sincronizar todos los datos guardados en el celular. Uno de ellos (Luis Alberto Pérez) solo pudo sincronizar 12 encuestas de 32 que hizo en campo. El otro caso (Juan Diego Moreno), le permitió subir únicamente 16 de 40 encuestas.
Hemos recurrido a subir los datos desde WiFi, revisar la configuración del proyecto, ampliar la capacidad de almacenamiento de los celulares, cambiar de dispositivo (Android (Samsung, tableta Lenovo) o Iphone) pero sigue apareciendo el mismo error (adjunto imagen).

Agradezco una pronta respuesta.

If you have an issue with a specific project please provide the project name in advance. Thank you!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We will look into it.

In your project you have some invalid regex patterns:

^[A-Z,-,/, ,0-9]*$"

Please remove them and try again.

The correct pattern would be ^[A-Z,-,\/, ,0-9]*$" since the / must be escaped.

You can validate your regex patterns here →

This has happened to a couple of our collectors as well. Last time re-installing the app seemed to work, but if there is a longer-term fix for this for our projects as well that would be great.

I don’t understand much about these regex patterns.
How would I check ours and go about fixing it if need be?

Our projects are private / hidden so I am not sure what I can share that will allow you to help me with this?


Re-installing the app does not fix this issue, fixing the regex patterns in your forms will.

In the formbuilder, you must ensure the regex patterns you add to your questions are valid, by cross-checking with a third-party tool.

Epicollect5 apps will now complain when you upload answers to questions with an invalid regex throwing this error:

“The regular expression is invalid or malformed”.

on the question with the invalid regex.
To fix the error, you will have to update your forms accordingly. Once you do that, the uploads will go through.

We hope this helps.

You can provide the project name so we can check on our side.

I has happened at least twice for a user of this project:


They said that eventually it did allow them to upload everything, but would still like to prevent this issue from happening if possible. Thanks

You do not have any regex patterns set on that project so your issue is different. It could be a network issue if by retrying it eventually works.

Can you please elaborate what would be a network issue - the cellphone or wifi that provides the internet to do the uploads?

Yes, if the internet connection (Wifi or 4G) drops during an upload, you will get that error. Or if the internet connection is very slow, again that can cause a timeout error.