Possible bug during login?

When i login to my epicolect dashboard, i am getting a png image like the one attached in this question. I cannot refresh the window. I either need to go abck, or close and login again; at times, still unsuccessful. Kindly help

We cannot reproduce your issue we are afraid.

Have you tried deleting your browser cache to see if that helps?

Could you give us step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue you are facing?


  1. I Login to epicollect dashboard with my email id password
  2. Instead of getting logged in to the main screen, such images appear in my screen
  3. I click “Back” on my taskbar
  4. Again i log in using my email id password
  5. Now am able to login to the dashboard

I tried deleting cache of browser, still unsuccessful. Am using firefox in windows 11 OS

You are using email-only authentication? That should give you a URL by email to click (or copy and paste) and send you back to the home page.