Possible to retrieve overwritten (edited) entry data?

Hi there,

I have a user who is collecting photo (and other) data for several sites to monitor them over time. On her 2nd round of visits to the sites, instead of tapping ‘+ Add entry’ she has opened her previous (1st round) entries on her iPhone and taken a new photo at each site then saved the new photo - thereby overwriting and losing the original photos.

I have looked through the native photo app on her iPhone in case the Epicollect5 app had created an album in which I might have found the old (1st round) photos still sitting, but no luck.

I did download her data after the 1st round, save it to CSV and then import to Google Maps. I hoped that I might use the photo URLs from the CSV to recover these photos, but the URL appears to be pinned to the live web-based entry rather than a unique photo-based identifier and so brings up her 2nd round photos rather than retrieving her 1st round photos.

I suspect the answer is a simple ‘no!’, but is there any way to retrieve I can retrieve the overwritten photos for this user - either from the web server or the user’s iPhone?

Many thanks in advance (and thanks indeed for a fantastic platform and support in general - I have been using Epicollect5 for many years in an educational setting and am now using it to help with land management),


unfortunately that is not possible we are afraid.

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