Problems saving entries with photos and uploading them

I’m sure this is asked already, and it didn’t sound like there is a solution for now. However, I have details step-by-step on the problems with photo collection:

I have a colleague with an iPhone 14 Pro using Epicollect5 and they were initially able to use the app to take photos whenever the form asks for it. Upon reaching the ‘save entry’ page, the button used wasn’t responding. After quitting the entry page, the home entries page asks to sync unsync data. The data would upload, but the photos didn’t. Instead, two overlapping error messages would pop up:

  1. “Error: Server error, pplease try again later. If the problemm persists, please contact the server administrator.”
  2. “Some entries could not be uploaded, please check for errors.” This overlapped with the first pop-up

Initial observations with these errors would have uploaded data, but not photos. But from what they told me recently, even the data could not be uploaded. Also it seemed like the photos in the ‘error-ed’ observations weren’t saved to begin with. What should I/they do? Has there been a solution found yet, or is this a problem of compatibility between devices and app program?

Have you tried to re-install the app?

You could also try the new Beta as it is more up-to-date →

We do not currently have any iPhone 14 for testing unfortunately

I had same problem with an iphone 8 plus. It allowed me to upload the data but got an error when uploading photos. Reinstalling the app seems to have fixed the problem. I also now have beta installed.

suggestion for developers: add an option to control the size of the uploaded image. In many case you don’t need 12Mp image!

Hi, photos are resized to 1024x768 px (1K) →