Project not listed in "My Projects" web page

I struggled to log into my account on the computer with the login button and the link. I finally got the link to work, but now there is no projects under my name on the computer - but it still shows my project in the app.

My account email is we******* and the project name is Survey of seed transmissible tobamoviruses on Cucurbits.

I also cannot upload my entries anymore - the error it gives is: “This project is private. you need permission to access it from the project manager”. I am the creator of the project and the only person linked to it thus far…

Please can you help?


the project: “Survey of seed transmissible Tobamoviruses on Cuc” has a CREATOR user with the email w*********** and a MANAGER user with the email vd****

The account with the email you posted does not have access to this project.

We hope this helps