Project Status and Form Management

I have a few questions related to project ownership and form management.

  1. As the project owner, is it possible to lock the status of a project to private and hidden?
  2. Is it possible to see who has viewed your project, its data, or downloaded the data?
  3. Is it possible to see what changes have been made to a project or form since it’s creation?



  1. The CREATOR and MANAGER roles have always the authority to modify a project’s status at any time. However, since members with roles such as CURATOR, COLLECTOR, or VIEWER do not possess access to the project’s settings, they would not be able to change its status.
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  1. As for user tracking, we do not monitor user activities. Nevertheless, in the case of private projects, you can access user emails as metadata when downloading entries, to know which user uploaded a specific entry.
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  1. We don’t maintain a record of project changes or modifications.

Thank you for your inquiries.