Put it into consideration while update

I have got epicollect5 tool better for field data collection.
However, I have got this important problems while I try to build a form.
The biggest problem is here. since it couldn’t jump far questions; couldn’t jump within groups. I think “skipping” is much better than “jumping”.
Hint message is not allowed to elaborate the question.
(It is better to use *This field is required place.

        ➝ Error message

Error message couldn’t be edited. Regex message is not appropriate while entry error has ben occured.

         ➝ Mini Analysis 

Has no mini dashboard about the statistics of submission under entered data.
➝ Mapped data

           ➝ Grouping

It needs the before creation of groups. If I have build the questions and put it into the group is impossible. (I think it is designed to see multiple questions per page)

          ➝Changing question type

I couldn’t switch radio button to check box and others after the question has been developed.

          ➝ Date format

➝Couldn’t get different countries dating format. For example I couldn’t get Ethiopian calendar date style.

Thus, if you have a mega update on the tool, please consider my comments.

Getassew E.

Thanks for your feedback