Questions added to the form do not appear on mobile

Hello! I have a very big doubt and I would appreciate it if you could help me. In the following project: Epicollect5 - Free and easy-to-use mobile data-gathering platform. when I add a numerical entry to the unique form to put the number of different species of ducks for a census, only the first 2 of the 14 entered appear. So I tried creating a second exclusive form for the number of species but it does not let me see different numerical entries on the cell phone although they do appear on the web page.
When I want to create a group it doesn’t let me add those entries with the species. I tried with branches reading the guide but I cannot associate 5 zones with coordinates 5 forms with 14 species with the numerical response of each species. I hope your help :slight_smile: thanks.

The project linked does not exist.