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I am trying to creat a questionnaire where the first question has three options and depending on the option chosen, there are a number of different follow-on questions. The questionnaire is completed once the questions linked to the choice made in the first question are completed. Then the form should be saved and uploaded and the project returns to the start screen.

I have tried this with three groups; the form goes to the correct first group, but then goes though the other two. I cannot jump out of the form.

Using branch also I cannot find a way to complete the form after one branch and upload it.

I know I can create three separate projects, one for each of the three initial options, but is there a way to keep them in one project and for each entry to be just one group/branch?

Thanksfor any ideas

Hi there, you are on the right track with the three groups approach.

What you are probably missing is a jump “always” on the first and second groups.

The jump “always” option is there to jump one or more questions no matter what.

Since a form is a list of questions from top to bottom, using a jump “always” allows the creation of the conditional flow you would expect.

Therefore there are three scenarios:

1 - The user will go to the first group, fill it in and always jump to the end
2 - The user will get to the second group, fill it in and always jump to the end
3 - The user will get to the third form (the last one) fill it in and get to the end (no jump is necessary)

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That works, thank you very much! It was, as you pointed out, the jump>always>End of form for each group that I was missing.

There seems to be an artefact of the jump function (it being unable to jump to an adjacent question), in that when I create my first radio question with the choice of which group to jump to, I have to put an extra question between this radio question and the groups, so that the response from the first question can jump to the first group. The extra question is effectively invisible, so never answered, on the phone questionnaire. This is not a problem for the functioninng of the forms, but have I missed a trick?

Well, a jump to the next question is not a jump, it is just the next question :wink:

It works as intended.

Just remove the extra question, and leave that radio option (the one going to the first group) without any jump, so by default it will go, correctly, to the next question (your first group). A jump is needed only to reach the second or third group.

If you leave that extra question, it will appear in your data as an empty column, you might not want that.

Yes thank you, my misunderstanding! it All works fine now with the extra question removed.

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No problems, always here to help.

We are glad your issue is solved.

Hello, my question is very similar but a little bit more complex.
I ask about which ingredients they use in a check-box question, multiple entries are allowed. Then in a second step I want to know for all the ingredients that they selected if they got it from the market, or their own garden or from a friend. I tried to to this with jumps but then it also shows me the question about the ingredients that they did not select and as I allow for multiple entries I cannot use the jump “always” as described above. Can I use branches here?
Thanks a lot for your help