Record location with higher accuracy than 11 cm

Please Excuse my fuzzy english.
I use a french open source GNSS RTK system (Centipede) which claims a centimetric accuracy thanks to real-time RTK corrections.
I would hence like to record centimal degree coordinates with Epicollect with more than 6 digits to overcome the 11 cm limit…
I guess it may raise database questions and more, but is there a solution to this?
Centimetric accuracy is arising.
Dominique Pitt

You could use two TEXT or DECIMAL questions, like “Latitude” and “Longitude” and type in the coordinates with your desired accuracy.

You can also add a regex to match your preferred format.

Coordinates collected this way will not appear on the Epicollect5 map, but you could use any third-party application like MicroReact or Google Maps to view your data on a map.