Report building

My Project is called Pivot Monitoring. My issue/dilemma is on a given field i may have 1-20 issues. i need a way to be able to export just those issues into a pdf field by field so i can send the report ot them. currently if i try to export it to pdf my adobe reader says it cant be read/opened. and if i try excel it had a lot of unnecessary numbers/letters that would confuse my clients.

Could you kindly share an example, possibly with screenshots, illustrating the issue you’re encountering? Moreover, please provide the name of the project(s) affected by the issue.

Your insights will greatly assist in understanding and resolving the problem.

Thank you.

i did provide the name, its called Pivot Monitoring.

Im not too experienced in this area of expertise either, theoretically i would like to be able to list all my issues for lets say example of field name k5 and export it to a pdf and send to a client, A pdf seems to be the easiest way for them to understand. There could be 1 issue and there could be 20 different issues found. Just depends on the day

i tried to upload two screenshots, if they didnt go through let me know

Epicollect5 provides the option to download your data in CSV or JSON format. Our platform aims to offer standard data formats and leaves the customization part to the user’s discretion during post-processing.

If your requirements involve specific customization, such as utilizing an Excel macro, it might fall outside the scope of Epicollect5’s functionalities. Our platform focuses on providing reliable data collection options while leaving additional modifications or specialized processes to the discretion of the users.

so what do i need to do to be able to export what i have in a pdf that will open?

You might look at Adobe Acrobat,then%20click%20“Create%20PDF.”

either way neither one will open. its doing the exact same thing. still is doing the same thing as before.