Saving a project as CVS

Hi, I have an issue with saving a project as CVS. When I download it doesn’t come as columns and thus I cannot delimit them. What could be the problem?

Hi there, are you saying that when you open the CSV file you get all the data in a single column?

If you are using Excel, it is a common issue - >

Also, we recommended Google Sheets, as usually it does a better job. Please give it a try.

The above screenshot is delimited data and have tried following the above procedure and it doesn’t work. This is because the data I download doesn’t come in the normal CVS format.
See screenshot below:

We cannot reproduce the issue on our side we are afraid.

Could you please send us the csv file by email ( so we can double-check? Thanks

All is good on our side, using Excel or Google Sheets.

We sent you a screenshot by email.