Search function for users to find a specific project

When I log on, as the creator I can see my projects. If however, someone wishes to ‘Find project’ using the search function it does not bring up a panel and keyboard to enter a keyword or phrase. The user must scroll endlessly through all projects until the find what they are searching for. Can the search function be enabled properly?

This might help Add a project - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide

On the web application:

My apologies, I was referring to Desk Top web access rather than through the app. Viewing the map etc is often preferable on a larger screened device.

The search box on the web page doesn’t exactly leap out at the would-be searcher… Once they realise there’s a box there, and start typing, the ‘predictive text’-like selection of the remaining possible project icons reduces the number to scroll through bit-by-bit. The one I’m looking for never appears, so presumably it’s private, and not even listed publicly(?) It would be good if, as the number of options decreased, some form of explanation might be shown to say that this might be the case…

Please read the User Guide about project visibility settings

We improved the message shown when no projects are found using the web search.