Setting Default Map coordinate or Default area of map

When using the geo-placement feature, I found it a bit annoying to have to zoom in every time to the desired location (the selection area isn’t the same as the location of the survey i.e. you can’t zoom to current location to find the area of interest). I was wondering if there was a way to limit the map to a certain longitude and latitude? Or if there was a way you could set a default position and zoom to that position? I hope that made sense.

Also is it possible to set openstreetmap as the default background map?

Thank you!

Hi, not sure we understand correctly but the map centers itself around the collected data bounds ie. if your collected data are all in Mexico, the map will open up in that area, not at your current location which can be anywhere. What project are you referring to?

For example, in our project Epicollect5 - Costa Rica 2017 Shigella , all the locations are collected in San Jose’ (Costa Rica) and the map opens there correctly.

On our project Epicollect5 - Peru 2019 Cholera Outbreak, the map opens correctly in Lima, Peru’

The default map layer cannot be changed we are afraid.

thank you for your response.
I was talking about the default map in the form, when I create it I would prefer that it could be set directly in the area I want to investigate, is it possible to do this?

thanks for the helpfulness

There is not any map in the forms, please elaborate what you mean

I mean that, during the construction of the questionnaire, when you ask the location the map appears, I would like to understand if it is possible to set “satelite” by default and also if it is possible to limit the map to a certain longitude and latitude?

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That is not possible we are afraid. You can center the map around your current location by clicking the target button on the left, below the zoom controls, but that’s it.