Some photos do not get synced

I am the creator of the 2023 NAHANNI AND NAATS IHCH OH project.

My issue is that a subset of the photos taken within the app have not uploaded to EpiCollect. These photos are still within the app and can be viewed from each individual entry.

When viewing the project on the app where the data was collected, the app displays that there are unsynced entries. However, when attempting to sync these entries, the app goes first to try to upload data. Since the text based data has already been uploaded, the app gives the message “All entries successfully uploaded” and will not proceed to uploading the photos.

The devices being used is a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro.

Is there a way to either 1) correct this issue to allow photos to upload via wifi or alternatively 2) mass pull the photos from internal storage within the tablet? There are about 80 photos that need to be recovered across three devices, all having this same issue, so recovering each photo individually is not the preferred solution.

Photos of the issue:

Subset of photos that have not uploaded:

App message that there are unsynced entries:

Message after attempting to upload unsynced entries:

Photos visible within the app entry:


Have you considered performing a full unsync and re-upload? This process often helps to refresh the data synchronization and resolve any syncing issues you may be experiencing.

You can find detailed instructions on how to perform a full unsync and re-upload in our User Guide

If you’ve already attempted this and are still encountering difficulties, we understand your frustration. In such cases, the last resort may be to export the entries one by one.
While we realize this is not the most convenient option, it can provide a workaround for stubborn syncing issues.

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In the absence of further information, we are unable to proceed with the discussion.

If you have any additional details to share or questions to ask, please feel free to start a new thread.

Thank you for your understanding.