Switching Question Type feature

Hi Team,

When we want to change a question, a new option has to added in Form builder. This leads to loss of data of the saved previous question.

instead, if the Question type can be changed for the question, it will be more helpful as data captured will not be lost.

Changing the question type is not as straightforward as it may seem because different question types have unique requirements within our system.

For example, a DROPDOWN question enforces validation on the responses, ensuring that the answer is one of the predefined options and nothing else. Consequently, changing a TEXT question to a DROPDOWN can lead to data inconsistencies.

Similarly, a TEXTBOX question type allows for longer responses compared to a TEXT question, an INTEGER question only accepts integers, and so on.

Therefore, due to the dynamic nature of Epicollect5 forms combined with the complexity and strict rules of each question type, altering a question type midway through data collection would introduce more complications than it resolves.