Syncing Epicollect5 Entries to Google Sheets

Hi there! I have a question. Can I synchronize all my Epicollect entries to Google Sheets using the API collect data command? I understand that up to 1000 entries can sync with this method. Is it feasible to continuously sync unlimited entries from Epicollect5 to Google Sheets? Thank you.

When integrating with the Epicollect5 API, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with our API rate limits, which are outlined in detail at →

These limits are in place to maintain optimal performance and ensure fair usage for all users.

When using Google Sheets’ import functions, there are several limitations and quotas to remember. These limits are in place to ensure fair usage and maintain system performance. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Import Functions:
    Google Sheets provides various import functions like IMPORTRANGE, IMPORTDATA, IMPORTXML, etc., which allow you to pull data from external sources into your spreadsheet.
  2. Quotas:
    Google Sheets imposes quotas on the number of import functions you can use within a certain time period. These quotas may vary based on factors like your Google Workspace plan and usage history.
  3. Rate Limits:
    There are also rate limits on how frequently you can refresh imported data. For example, the IMPORTRANGE function has a rate limit of 50 cross-workbook references per spreadsheet every 30 minutes.
  4. Data Size:
    The size of the imported data may also be limited. For instance, the IMPORTDATA function has a maximum limit of 50,000 characters for the fetched data.
  5. API Usage:
    If you’re using Google Sheets API to import data programmatically, you need to adhere to the API usage limits set by Google. These limits include quotas on the number of requests per day and per user.

It’s essential to review and understand these limitations to avoid hitting usage caps and encountering errors or service disruptions in your Google Sheets workflows. Additionally, consider optimizing your import processes and data handling strategies to stay within these limits effectively.