The project is private ,you need permission to access it from project manager

If you have an issue with a specific project please provide the project name in advance. Thank you!

You must be a member of a private project to be able to access it.

The error message you provided, “The project is private, you need permission to access it from the project manager,” indicates that you are trying to access a project in Epicollect5 that has been set to private. Private projects are restricted to authorized users, and you need permission from the project manager to access and view the project’s data.

Here’s what the error message is conveying:

  1. Project Privacy: The project you’re attempting to access has been marked as private. This means that it’s not publicly accessible, and only authorized individuals can access its contents.
  2. Permission Requirement: To view and interact with the private project, you need explicit permission from the project manager.
  3. Contacting Project Manager: To gain access, you should reach out to the project manager or the person responsible for the project.

In summary, this error message is a security feature that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing private project data. If you’re authorized to access the project, you’ll need to follow the appropriate steps to obtain permission from the project manager(s) or creator.