Unable to download all data from website into pc

Good morning,

I’m trying to download all my data entries from the Epicollect website into my PC but regardless of whether i choose the date range or choose to download it all, when i press ok to download, it only downloads the entries of the last day. Ex: i have ~50 data entries from the 21st to the 30th November. When i try to download it today it only gives me the 3 data entries of the 30th Nov. Before (a few days ago) it was working fine.

Any tips? Is it an issue with the server itself?




we have not made any recent changes to our systems.

You will have to provide the project name for us to look into it.

However, we tried to download the data of the EC5 Demo Project at Epicollect5 - EC5 Demo Project and all entries were downloaded correctly.

Make sure you select lifetime in the download panel

nevermind… the data was all in there. It just downloaded in different rows’ size than usual -_-’

Thank you!!

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