Upload of csv of collectors does not work

I am uploading a list roughly 25 email adresses as collectors via .csv, but receive the error message:
“cannot switch manager form”

I am enlisted myself as manager.

As I have previously uploaded lists that included list of names who were also managers, I am out of answers.
Thx for the immediate help due to scheduling constraints.

The error is Cannot switch manager role.

The first thing is to check that the list of emails does not contain the one you are currently logged in with, as you cannot switch yourself from MANAGER to COLLECTOR, since you would lose access to the project settings.

Thanks for the quick feedback. MY bad, it says role not form. No, myself is not included in the list of collectors.
There are some managers (including myself and the creator) in the list, but I am not in it.

Deleting the manager names from the list solved it, though the error “Cannot switch manager role” is still shown. This is a bit confusing.

The hierarchy of roles need to be respected, is that it? As managers are always also collectors, no need for double entries.

The error could be still there from before if you did not dismiss it.

As a MANAGER, if you upload emails for a lower role, like COLLECTOR, you do not have the right to downgrade the other MANAGER(s) to COLLECTOR roles.