User does not receive code anymore

Dear all

One of the users is not receiving code anymore with an email previously used.
We tried with another address on his phone and he did receive the code.
I removed his “first address” from the list of collectors and added it again and it is still not working
What can we do for him to receive code on this “first address”?
Thank you very much for your help

Best regards

Can you provide the email domain so we can look into it?

Thank you

The email domain is
Thank you for your help

Nothing to report on our side, but our logs go back to 5 days only. You might want to try again.

Please check the spam folder, and also for typos in the email. We noticed 2 almost identical emails on login attempts, one with m and one with n, that might be the issue.

My colleague just tried at 14:55 UTC and still doesn’t receive a code with his address
Would you please have an idea?
Thank you very much
Best regards

Emails are sent from our side correctly but they get bounced back with an error by servers →

"550 spam detected"

Look likes is blacklisting our sending IP ( More info →

You will have to contact support at and report the issue to them.

"delivery-status": {
		"tls": true,
		"mx-host": "",
		"code": 550,
		"description": "",
		"session-seconds": 0.3553650379180908,
		"enhanced-code": "",
		"attempt-no": 1,
		"message": "spam detected",
		"certificate-verified": true

We send emails using Mailgun

Dear all,
Thank you for your email.
In the link you sent me, unfortunately, I believe that they mention to check with you, do they not ?
Isn’t the problem linked to the server issue that happened a few weeks ago, when the server was not available for a few days ?

Thank you for the additional information

We are not using our server to send emails, but Mailgun’s.
Emails sent by Mailgun are bounced back only by, no one else.

Please contact about this issue so their admins could try to login to Epicollect5 and understand why the emails are blocked by their own spam filters.

It appears fixed their antispam filters therefore emails are now delivered to their domains correctly.