'Value Outside range' Error

I get the an error message stating ‘value outside range’ whenever I try an update the project details. I have tried multiple image types, multiple browsers, details and images simultaneously and independently. Any ideas?

Have you tried a shorter description?

It won’t even let me save a single letter entry to the description field, or upload a .jpg image to the logo field despite it being within size parameters. The short description that I created with the project is fine, but not the longer one or the image

A single letter is not a valid description, it has to be between 3 to 3000 chars.

If your project description does not contain sensitive info, you could paste it here along with the image you would like to use so we can try to reproduce the issue on our side.

It appears that no additional details have been provided regarding the current thread.

In the absence of further information, we are unable to proceed with the discussion.

If you have any additional details to share or questions to ask, please feel free to start a new thread.

Thank you for your understanding.