Where is local data stored?

I’m having an issue uploading data from an old version of Android (5). It says there are incomplete entries that need to be checked before uploading, however when I try to open them to edit it gets stuck ‘loading entry’ indefinitely. Where is the data stored on my phone? If I can access it without the app I could upload/re-enter it manually from another device.

Please read the User Guide about incomplete entries →

Data are stored in the app private folder, which is not user accessible.

Sorry for the slow response, I didn’t get a notification saying you’d replied.

Thanks for the info. The bit under the second heading (‘Required questions not answered’) is exactly what happened to me, I updated the form and now can’t upload some entries. The issue is that I now can’t edit them on my phone - when I try to open an entry to edit it, it gets stuck ‘loading entry’ indefinitely. I’ve tried changing the form and turning off all the required fields but this didn’t help. Any other ideas how to get the data off my phone?

I’ve worked this out. For reference local data is stored in root/data/data/uk.ac.imperial.epicollect.five/databases/epicollect5.db (phone needs to be rooted to access). You can then access records with SQLite (useful tutorial here: https://ourtechroom.com/tech/open-read-sqlite-file/).

Please be aware that rooting the phone and tampering with the Epicollect5 database is not recommended as it can lead to unexpected errors and data loss.