Why is my project not coming up when I search?

I’m part of Friends of the Upper Wye (FOUW) and we’re using EpiCollect5 to store the results for a citizen science project we’re running.

At the moment, if you search for our project on the EpiCollect website, nothing comes up - it says ‘No Projects Found’.

Yet if you go directly to our URL you can access our data and log in to upload data to our project no problem, so it does exist online.

Can you tell me why our project isn’t searchable? Is it something we’ve chosen through our settings? (If so, could you tell me what we should do to change it?) Or is it a bug?

I would be grateful for your information and advice on this point.

Thanks so much for your time.


You will need to change the project visibility settings.

Please read the User Guide at Edit Project Details - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide


In case you haven’t resolved this yet- you just need to change your project to “public” and “listed”. If its set to “private” only registered users will be able to access it via their accounts. If it’s set to “public” and “hidden” you won’t be able to search for it on Epicollect - the public will only be able to access it if they have a link to the URL.

Hope this helps!