About mapping trouble on my project

I have a mapping trouble on my project named “Habitat choice Plestiodon Species(Epicollect5 - Login)”.

The bug I’m experiencing appears to occur in a single response within a particular question in my forms.
Here are the specific details of the issue:

Inability to Modify Data Mapping: In this specific response, I have noticed that the data mapping remains fixed and cannot be altered. Even when I attempt to change the mapping, it remains identical to that of other responses (see attached photo).

EC5_AUTO Mapping Issue: Additionally, I have observed a same problem with the EC5_AUTO mapping.

iOS App Behavior: When I select this particular response (Shade) on the Epicollect5 iOS app and then navigate to the next question, the response is automatically transformed into a different input value (Cloudy).

I am confused about why this problem is occurring and how it could be resolved.

I kindly request your assistance in investigating and resolving this issue. If you require any additional information, or further examples to understand the problem better, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you for your time and support.

About not being able to alter the mapping, we were not able to reproduce locally

However, we found some inconsistencies and we are looking into it, thanks for flagging.

Could you please try to remove all your custom maps and create a new one from scratch to see if the issue persists?

About the iOS issue, are you using the new beta or the old one? We are currently focusing only on the new one which will replace the existing one very soon.
However, the mapping settings do not affect the data collection, only the data viewed or exported from our server.

Thank you for your suggestion.
I removed all of my custom mappings and made a new one. However, The bug was not resolved.
I was able to alter mapping and push the UPDATE button, but after I reloaded that page, only the response “shade” turned to “Cloudy”. This bug seems to be the same as the one you show me via your screenshot.

I may have used the old one which is version four.
I tried to use a new one but, I did not find out how to use the new one.

We probably have identified the root cause of all the issues you have been encountering.

In your form, there appears to be a duplicated identifier (which is not visible to the final user) for the possible answers “Shade” and “Cloudy” of the “Sunlight” question within the “Selected Site” group. This duplication is responsible for the unusual bugs you’ve been experiencing.

Regrettably, we are not entirely sure how this happened, but we are committed to promptly investigating and resolving this issue.

To address this matter, we kindly request that you double-check the data collected for the “Selected Site” group’s “Sunlight” question (on the EC5_AUTO mapping under “14_Sunlight”). Upon review, you may notice that “Shade” never appears as a distinct option (if we are not mistaken, let us know otherwise), as the bug mentioned earlier has been causing any selection of “Shade” to be saved as “Cloudy.”

To resolve these issues, we recommend removing the “Shade” possible answer, re-adding it, saving the project, and ensuring that all changes are properly saved. This should, hopefully, rectify the problems you have encountered.

Please be aware that, due to this bug, you should exercise caution when interpreting the existing responses to the “Sunlight” question, as any previous “Shade” responses were erroneously recorded as “Cloudy.”

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused.

I did not find any Shade option in all of my entries as you said.

Thank you
I finally got the correct data after removing and re-adding the “Shade” answer.

But the next problem has occurred.
In the answer named “Habitat phot” which uploads an image, an error message appears(Project version out of date).
If you have some suggestions for resolving this issue, Please teach me.

You need to update the project on the device after doing all the changes.
Also see

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