Links in Readme question

Can I put hyperlinks in a Readme question?

From Possibility of uploading files in Epicollect5? (… “provide the links to those files in Epicollect5 in a README question” …) it sounds like you can. Also in Form Builder it looks like you can insert links in a Readme


The link is still there after validating input, and after saving the project, but if you navigate away from the project on the web and come back, it is no longer an active link, not is it an active link on the (updated) project on the phone.


you can add links but they are rendered as text and therefore not clickable.

Anyway, we are curious to know how you get to show that popup :wink:

I entered a link in the Readme text box, hit Return, the link turned to purple text, I clicked on it, got a link edit popup, clicked on the link edit icon, and got that popup. Must be something coming from my browser (Safari 15.4) if it isn’t from you? It would be useful to have a clickable link (handy to be able to refer folks to a web page for additional info or photos while filling out a form, for example), so I was sad it didn’t work!

Thanks for your feedback.

You can still add plain URLs for reference for the time being.